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Art Fighter--Gu Jingzhou's Colorful Purple Sand Pot

近几年喜欢收藏紫砂壶的人越来越多了,一把好紫砂壶的价值构成可以从泥料,工艺,文化三方面考量。In recent years, more and more people like to collect purple clay pots. The value composition of a good purple clay pot can be considered from three aspects: mud, technology and culture.

紫砂壶在拍卖市场行情看涨,是具有收藏价值的"古董",名家大师的作品往往一壶难求,正所谓"人间珠宝何足取,宜兴紫砂最要得"。Zisha pot is in auction market quotation is bullish, it is the "antique" that has collect value, the work of famous master often one pot is asked hard, it is alleged that "the world gem he sufficient takes, yixing zisha is most desirable".



顾景舟(1915-1996),原名景洲,别称:曼希、瘦萍、武陵逸人、荆南山樵,自号壶叟、老萍。宜兴紫砂名艺人,中国美术家协会会员,中国工艺美术大师。18岁拜名师学艺,三十年代后期至上海制壶仿古,1954年进入宜兴蜀山陶业合作社,1956年被江苏省政府任命为技术辅导,带徒徐汉棠、高海庚、李昌鸿、沈遽华、束凤英、吴群祥等人。一生三次参加全国工艺美术代表大会,在港、澳、台、东南亚影响特大,被海内外誉为“壶艺泰斗”,作品为海内外各大博物馆、文物馆收藏。Gu Jingzhou (1915-1996), formerly known as Jingzhou, also known as Mancy, Slender Ping, Wuling Yi Ren, Jingnan Shanqiao, self-titled Huchao, Laoping. Yixing Zisha famous artist, member of China Artists Association, master of Chinese arts and crafts. He was 18 years old and learned art from famous teachers. From the late 1930s to Shanghai, he entered Shushan Pottery Co-op in Yixing in 1954. In 1956, he was appointed by Jiangsu Provincial Government as a technical counselor. He was accompanied by Xu Hantang, Gao Haigeng, Li Changhong, Shen Conghua, Shu Fengying and Wu Qunxiang. He participated in the National Congress of Arts and Crafts three times in his life, which had great influence in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. He was praised as a "pot art master" at home and abroad, and his works were collected by major museums and cultural relics at home and abroad.

小顾人称顾老,是我国近代杰出的紫砂陶艺家,近代宜兴有著名的七大艺人之一(任、吴、裴、王、朱、顾、蒋)。生前致力于创建紫砂工艺厂,其作品充份表现精、气、神、韵之美,不但深具东方特有艺术特色,更赋予时代气息,堪称为紫砂壶之一代宗师!80年代在港拍卖价已为65万元人民币。现每把壶时价均超过一百万元,广受海内外收藏家争相购藏,惜生前作品不多,能珍藏者少之又少。Xiaogu, known as Gu Lao, is an outstanding purple sand pottery artist in modern China. In modern Yixing, there are seven famous artists (Ren, Wu, Pei, Wang, Zhu, Gu and Jiang). In his lifetime, he devoted himself to the creation of purple sand craft factory. His works fully express the beauty of exquisite, breath, spirit and charm. They not only have the unique oriental artistic characteristics, but also give the flavor of the times. They can be called one of the generation masters of purple sand pots. In the 1980s, the auction price in Hong Kong was 650,000 yuan. At present, the current price of each pot is more than one million yuan, which is widely bought and collected by collectors at home and abroad. They cherish the few works in their lifetime and the few who can collect them.

从20世纪50年代初收第一个徒弟徐汉棠起,在几十年间,顾景舟可谓桃李满天下。他以自己的工作经验要求跟他学艺的年轻人在基本功上锤炼,做到扎实、深入、不浮华,从选泥锤泥开始,一个个环节,苦练过硬本领。从严要求的结果,就是顾景舟的弟子各个都有相当出色的成就,如是中国工艺美术大师徐汉棠,中国工艺美术大师钱丽媛,中国陶艺大师李昌鸿、周桂珍,江苏省工艺美术名人沈蘧华、潘持平、张红华等等。Since Xu Hantang, the first apprentice in the early 1950s, Gu Jingzhou has enjoyed a world of peaches and plums for decades. With his own work experience, he requires young people who learn from him to hone their basic skills so as to be solid, in-depth and not ostentatious. From the selection of mud, hammer and mud, he has trained hard skills one by one. As a result of strict requirements, Gu Jingzhou's disciples have made remarkable achievements, such as Xu Hantang, Qian Liyuan, Li Changhong, Zhou Guizhen, Shen Yuhua, Pan Zhiping, Zhang Honghua, and so on.


由于明清紫砂大师供春、时大彬、陈鸣远、陈曼生、杨彭年、杨凤年的作品十分难得,因此给现当代紫砂大师如顾景舟、朱可心、蒋蓉等的作品留下了升值空间。如已于1996年去世的现代名家顾景舟的茶壶,在上世纪70年代末80年代初,其价格才380元此外,蒋蓉等的作品价位一般也在10-20万。According to reports, the price of purple clay pots in Ming and Qing Dynasties was generally tens of thousands of yuan, while the famous Ming Dynasty masterpieces with big-bin ring twisting pots could reach 100,000-150,000 yuan, and the famous Qing Dynasty masterpieces also needed 50,000-100,000 yuan. The most expensive purple clay pot in China is the work of Shao Daheng, a famous Pot Maker in the Qing Dynasty, "A bundle of bamboo heads", with a market price of 400,000 US dollars.

Because the works of Masters of Purple Sand in Ming and Qing Dynasties, such as Gu Jingzhou, Zhu Kexin and Jiang Rong, are very rare, they leave room for appreciation for the works of modern and contemporary Masters of Purple Sand such as Gu Jingzhou, Zhu Kexin and Jiang Rong. If the teapot of Gu Jingzhou, a famous modern artist who died in 1996, was only 380 yuan in the late 1970s and early 1980s. In addition, the price of Jiang Rong's works was generally between 100,000 and 200,000 yuan.


此壶为顾景舟之作五彩紫砂壶,众所周知,彩是很难上到紫砂壶上,这是需要非常高的技术和集中力,稍一闪失即为失败,能有此之作实乃万幸。此壶表面温润,内有茶香,保存完好,并无太大磨损,并且未来的升值空间极大,现也有收藏价值!Gu Jingzhou made this colorful purple clay pot. As we all know, it is very difficult to get the color on the purple clay pot. It requires very high technology and concentration. A slight slip of the pot is a failure. It's a great luck to have it done. This pot has a warm surface, tea fragrance, good preservation, not too much wear and tear, and great appreciation space in the future, now also has collection value!



Welcome Tibetans to come to the appreciation, interested collectors can get a deeper understanding through the message!








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